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Variety:Edward and Kent.
Shipments: Air and Sea

The mango of the Mangifera indica species is a juicy fruit and has numerous varieties with very variable shapes, colors, textures and flavors. It is round to oblong and can weigh from less than 50 g to more than 2 kg. It consists of a peel, an edible pulp containing a seed. During the development of the fruit, the peel is dark green in color, changing to light green, yellow, orange and red tones.


Variety: Hass and Fuerte

Shipments: Air and Sea

The Persea americana, popularly called avocado, is an edible berry, native to Mesoamerica. Today, the species is grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates around the world. The high demand for avocado has led to its plantations transforming large areas of native ecosystems.


The tangerine is the fruit of the different species of citrus fruit commonly called tangerine.

It is similar to the orange, although smaller in size, more aromatic in flavor and easier to remove its skin in most varieties.


The asparagus plant consists of branched aerial stems and a subway part made up of roots and buds, which is what is commonly called “claw”. The vegetables known as asparagus are obtained from the young shoots.


The fruits, which are born in clusters, are white at first and as they ripen they turn reddish-purple to become blue when fully ripe.

Because of their sweet flavor they are used to make jellies, jams, wines, cakes and various sweet dishes.


Ginger or kion (as it is known in Peru) is a plant of the zingiberaceae family, whose subway stem is a horizontal rhizome highly valued for its aroma and spicy flavor. 

Organic bananas

Its potassium content provides part of the intake needed to lower the risk of high blood pressure, while vitamin B6 helps the body produce hemoglobin and keep blood glucose in normal ranges. 


Andean grains were preserved in the tradition and culture of indigenous populations.

After harvest, dried beans are more durable than other staple foods, this durability has made the beans well adapted to industrial agriculture.


Coffee is the beverage obtained from the roasted and ground beans of the fruits of the coffee plant (coffee tree); it is highly stimulating due to its caffeine content. This product is one of the most commercialized and one of the most consumed beverages in the world.


Biologically, cocoa is a plant native to the Amazon basin, and cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted from its fruit. The beans are the basis of chocolate, as well as various Mesoamerican foods such as Mole sauce.

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