Amazon Crops

We are an exporter of high quality agricultural products. We export conventional, organic and fair trade fruits, mainly to the Asian and European markets.

Our main objective is to supply the international market with high quality fruits.

smc upload 1 icon  “We strive to conduct ongoing training; promoting smart farming practices and traceability.”

smc upload 1 icon We control the entire production and packaging process, from the day the tree is planted to the day the product is packed and shipped to its final destination in different parts of the world.

smc upload 1 icon We provide adequate support to our small farmers.

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Our fresh fruit comes from certified fields in Peru and other Latin American countries to guarantee year-round production volumes.


The tangerine is the fruit of the different species of citrus fruit commonly called tangerine.


Known as avocado, it is the fruit of the Persea americana tree. It is prized for its nutritional value.


It is a sweet, juicy and refreshing fruit. Its various species are valued for their nutritional value.


It is a perennial herbaceous plant with highly branched foliage and feathery appearance.

Commitment and Social Impact

“Our commitment is the maximum satisfaction of our customers through the highest quality standards in our products. We are committed to adequately prepare and train our agricultural partners to promote sustainable economic and social development of all small farmers integrated in our production chain, preserving and protecting the most important lung of the planet, THE AMAZON. “

Conventional, organic and sustainable

We provide adequate support to our small farmers.

We promote smart farming practices and traceability.

We are committed to healthy and sustainable agriculture.

“We support native communities, the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and the planet.”

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